Deciding which fraternity to rush will probably be the biggest decision of your college career. The men of Acacia recommend that you go through the entire rush process with an open mind, act yourself, and find where you fit in. Never be afraid to ask questions at any house you visit. At Acacia, we take pride in being one of the top fraternities at Cornell and we believe strongly in five aspects of college life: academics, brotherhood, social activity, campus involvement, and athletics.
  • At Acacia, we understand the value of academics and try to facilitate a studious environment at all times. Academically, our house’s cumulative GPA consistently places us among the top 20 fraternities on campus.
  • Brotherhood and the strong bond between our actives is what makes Acacia different from other fraternities. Trust, cooperation, and respect between every active creates a very comfortable environment to undertake any project or activity.
  • The social scene at Acacia is extremely active. We typically have about 4-5 parties each semester, including our annual Night on the Nile Party in April. Two formals are also on the events calendar each semester. Actives host mixers with sororities, O St nights, and countless other brotherhood events.
  • Acacia’s involvement in campus activities and and community service has earned it numerous honors from both University of Nebraska and Acacia Fraternity. Along with our “Santa’s College Days” philanthropy event held every December, Acacia’s motto of “Human Service” promotes community involvement.
  • We at Acacia participate in almost every sport; earning respect on the field among the other fraternities. Softball, volleyball, and ice hockey are just a few of the sports that we excel at.
Since the founding of the American college fraternity movement in 1776, fraternities have grown to symbolize leadership, independence, scholastic achievement and service to their various campuses and communities.
Fraternity men represent a very small percentage, only two percent, of the male population in the United States. However, that two percent is a very influential group of individuals! Fraternity men have gone on to hold many of the top positions in our nation, from the business world to the political arena.
  • Approximately 80 percent of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies are fraternity men.
  • The majority (71 percent) of those listed in Who’s Who in America are fraternity men.
  • Seventy-six percent of current United States senators and congressmen are fraternity men.
  • Forty percent of the 47 Supreme Court justices since 1910 have been fraternity men.
  • One hundred of the 158 cabinet members since 1900 have been fraternity men.
  • All but nine United States Presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men.
It is certainly no surprise that today’s college and university students express a keen interest in the Greek system. The opportunities are endless, and the benefits speak for themselves. Each year, thousands of young men enter the working world with the competitive advantage of fraternity experience and alumni contacts.

Acacia participates in summer recruitment annually. On occasion, and contingent upon the schedule of the active chapter, we may choose to participate in spring recruitment. Interested applicants, however, are highly encouraged to participate in summer rush activities in preparation for the fall pledge program that takes place each year.